Capital Street FX brings an experience of a lifetime to all its esteemed clients via its "Trade Like A Legend, Travel Like A King" offer.

As an expression of our gratitude for doing business with us, we offer you an opportunity to treat yourself to the life of RoyalsHere's what we have selected from amongst the most exquisite lifestyle experiences known.

Option A - A Journey on The Maharajas Express, India

A choice from 4 exclusive holiday and trip itineraries on the Maharajas Express – A Royal Luxury Train, listed as one of the world's most luxurious train journeys through a landscape populated with Legendary Kingdoms, History, Culture and Heritage.

  • Business Class Round Trip Tickets For two, to India and back, are also included.
  • Local transfers and stays (if and where applicable) are also included.
  • Royal Memories from a grandiose era, that shall last a lifetime

Option B - A 7- Star Holiday At The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

A 3 nights, 4 day stay at the only true Seven Star Hotel in the world – The Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE.

  • Round Trip Business Class Flight Tickets for 2, to and from Dubai
  • Concierge Services for the duration of the visit.
  • Additional, Custom Made local trips to explore the Attractions of Dubai – Burj Al Khalifa, Desert Safaris/Dinners, Adventure Sports etc.
*Terms and Conditions

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